Crafting AI for the human journey

The Mission

Artificial intelligence is poised to profoundly transform society. As a species, we face the critical challenge of adapting to and harnessing this unprecedented power. Humanity’s recent track record is concerning - smartphones and social media have arguably destabilized society and diminished overall happiness.

While AI doomsayers warn of a Skynet-like annihilation of the human race, I believe the true AI apocalypse lies in the relentless algorithmic reduction of humanity to its ultimate, soulless state, where individuals become mere cogs in a vast, unfeeling system. Many argue that late-stage capitalism has already brought us perilously close to this reality, and AI threatens to accelerate the process exponentially. However, I believe we have not yet passed the point of no return. Much like a meteor impact gave mammals the space to evolve, the impending AI upheaval presents an opportunity to influence the course of civilization’s evolution in a more humane direction.

I am dedicated to harnessing artificial intelligence to forge a new paradigm of user-centric applications designed to nurture growth and personal development. By setting an example of what is possible, I hope to inspire others to follow suit. Applications should not be engineered to maximize engagement metrics, but rather to create holistic experiences that transcend the sum of their A/B tests.